Mogamigawa, Yamagata Prefecture
Logistics: Highway 287 parallels the run. Put in below the dam and run down as far as you'd like. There are a few access points along the course of the run. The best play spot can be directly accessed from the roads that run along river left. Just keep your eyes open for lots of boaters. Area Map

Scenery: You're not coming to check out the scenery but to throw some ends. It's a rural setting with fields and forests, and a few buildings along the river. Beautiful bedrock ledges form the rapids.

This is probably one of the most popular playboating rivers in Japan. Expect to find the country's top rodeo paddlers training at the take-out play wave. It's a decent river run but just as many people come here for park and play (video clip, 4.5 MB).

This is a wide open river and the rapids all offer plenty of options to choose from. Several have excellent play spots and good eddy service. Class II paddlers should be fine but more advanced paddlers can still have a great time.

Hanging out in the eddy at the play hole.

The scene at the take-out. The writing on the roof says, "Canoe Land". This is also the parking spot for the main play hole.